Affordable Serviced Apartments In Melbourne

Serviced Apartments

Melbourne – Perfect Location

What comes to mind when you travel to Melbourne, “lets book a hotel” – it’s simply been done that way for years. Use your travel agent and stay for a night or a week. Sounds good but what about the cost, huge. 

The image gets even worse for those out on a business trip who don’t have the luxury to claim the expenses from the company. What if you could minimise those expenses? What if you could stay in the perfect location in peace without worrying about the expenses? Serviced apartments are the answer.

It’s a new trend in the lodging industry that’s picking up the pace in the real estate market worldwide, especially Melbourne. Listed below are the top advantages of this trend – whether travelling for adventure with the family or for business.

Spacious Accommodation

A serviced apartment is like any other regular apartment, with an immediate advantage –  the furnished apartments are spacious when compared to any hotel room. This space comes in handy when more than one person decides to share a single accommodation. Plus, it doesn’t cost any more for the extra space.

Home Style Living

One of the best reasons to stay in a serviced apartment is that it feels homely. You get your own fully functional kitchen, TV, washing and drying facilities, WiFi connection & lots more. For any vacationer, privacy is the utmost priority to which serviced apartment is the best choice. 

Plus, all our serviced apartments in Melbourne have private balconies!

Modern Facilities

Our Serviced Apartments in Melbourne have access to the following facilities:

  • Fully furnished
  • Shower and Full Bathroom
  • Privacy
  • Gym
  • Spa
  • Sauna
  • Steam Rooms
  • Yoga Rooms
  • Private functions (such as karaoke rooms at our EQ tower)
  • Private Balcony
  • Parking included in Docklands and City

Your Own Kitchen

Dining out in a restaurant all the time when you’re travelling is insanely expensive, and you don’t even get the satisfaction either.

This is not the case with serviced apartments as they provide you with a fully self-contained kitchen that can be accessed anytime to anything for anyone. It is more beneficial even when you’re on a trip with your family,  feeding 4 people in a moderate diner is nothing less than wreaking havoc on your budget.

Having a fully furnished serviced apartment has many other perks too, like you can extend your stay, get your room cleaned up on demand etc. These reasons should be enough for you to consider changing your mind. Next time if you plan a trip, instead of heading towards a conventional hotel room, you can stay in a serviced apartment.

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